University Residences Elevator Modernization

This project is part of a campus-wide effort to ensure that elevators remain safe and reliable. In 2015, with an increasing incidence of elevator breakdowns, Western commissioned a campus wide condition survey to inspect and analyze elevators across campus, determine current condition, compliance with code, and recommend options for elevator modernization. Overall, 29 elevators were identified as needing some level of modernization, repairs, or renewal. Since the condition of the elevators precludes waiting for major renovations to perform the work, a series of public works projects is planned, prioritizing repairs and upgrades based on the condition of various elevators. Every effort is being made to minimize impact on building occupants.

Start Construction: September 2019

Complete Construction: August 2020

Project Contacts

Alexis Blue, Project Manager, 360-650-6297

Paul Cocke, Director, Communications & University Relations, (360) 650-3350